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Bodhimind Reiki:
Courses in Living Compassion — Level Three

The Last of Three Progressive Levels

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A minimum of several years’ practice at Level Two Reiki,
plus a previous commitment to meditation practice,
is a prerequisite for this Level Three Course

Reiki Level Three: Course Requirements

This level becomes available for you, as an existing Level Two Reiki student, if you are on a committed spiritual path. It allows you to access the 4th Reiki symbol (invocation), and to perform Level One and Two Boosters (Reiju) to temporarily increase the pre-existing healing capacities of other individuals.

This is not the Reiki Master-Teacher level
but the Third Reiki Practitioner level

This Level Three attunement has a powerful effect on both ‘petals’ of the ‘Third Eye’ chakra (Ajna-cakra) (from where we outwardly manifest our inner reality and wisdom), which is why a prerequisite for this empowerment is a controlled and focused mind through a previous commitment to meditation practices. Your personal Solar Plexus (Manipura-cakra) challenges (of the emotional nature) also need to be addressed consciously before this Level is attempted.

While Reiki Level Three offers a tremendous boost to your capacity to advance the healing of self and others, especially through our altruistic intent, this empowerment may also greatly accelerate the karmic results brought about by your (present/past and positive/negative) actions of Body, Speech, and Mind.

This is an opportunity reflected in the following Tibetan Buddhist prayer…

Again, let’s be reminded:

Old Tibetan prayer:
‘May my thoughts come true instantly
— whether Inner, Outer, or Secret’.

Level Three Course Structure & Dana

The Reiki Three Practitioner Course (this is not the Master-Teacher level) consists of 3 full days (hours to suit you) of tuition, empowerments, and practice; and includes daily two 15-minute tea breaks and an hour for lunch.

DANA: As with all my services, all ordained members of any Buddhist sangha (monks and nuns) may attend the Reiki 3 Group Course fee-free.

DANA: For this 3rd Level course you will also receive a A$25 Kiva Loan Donation Gift Card to support a Third World entrepreneur, helping alleviate poverty in the world. When the A$25 is repaid to you, you can re-loan it to help another (or keep the cash, though I’d recommend the former!). The Active Compassion keeps working to change our world! This makes up for not having other students to practice in during the Reiki 3 course, so you can gain Merit as a healer in another way.

Next Level Three Reiki Course

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New Farm (Brisbane) Qld Australia—just 2.5km from the CBD
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Reiki Courses by Private Tuition

All Reiki Courses are also offered as Private Tuition for individuals who prefer personalised tuition over group involvements. These courses need not be booked for weekends only, but can be organised for any consecutive days of the week. Obviously, private tuition will involve a higher fee structure.

Private One-On-One LEVEL THREE Reiki Practitioner Course
(single student only) (this is not the Master-Teacher level)
consists of 2 to 3 days (hours to suit) of tuition, empowerment, and practice

Hours of tuition may vary depending on whether you have studied Reiki with me previously — as more time is allotted for new students or those with little metaphysical knowledge —. And it is important for you to be aware of the metaphysical implications of the symbols within a traditional Buddhist context.

(PLEASE NOTE: This Level Three course may actually be more beneficial as a group involvement. However, the option for private tuition is available for those who prefer it.)

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