Bodhimind Reiki Level 2 Course — with Kerrie Redgate

Medicine Buddha Thangka

Second of Three Progressive Levels

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Bodhimind Reiki: Courses in Living Compassion—Level Two

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Time and practice spent at Level One Reiki
are a prerequisite for this Level Two Course

General Information for Reiki Level Two

At this level, your capacity to channel the Reiki energy is greatly increased, and you are given the added responsibility of the use of several of the attunement symbols.

At the Level, you are taught three of the four Reiki symbols (seed syllables, and invocations of Japanese Buddhist origin) used in the attunement processes. These symbols basically range from being representative forms of simple mantras to dharanis that can be used to amplify healing processes, and to sustain protection at emotional/mental levels, as well as to facilitate the transmission of this highest level of healing over distances with an instant total auric connection to anyone anywhere.

The Third Eye chakra (Ajna-cakra) is lightly stimulated during the attunement process to increase your capacity for visualisation practices involving the use of the Reiki symbols.

The moral issues and dilemmas of spiritual-healing ‘etiquette’ are also discussed during this course. This level relates to the Mahayana Buddhist principle of developing oneself for the purpose of benefiting others. It opens you to the ideal of the Bodhisattva Path, involving the ‘Six Perfections‘ (Paramitas), which are discussed during this course.

I am presently situated in Brisbane Qld Australia, and I’m only accepting requests for Reiki courses held here (I have a perfect and large ground floor space for classes), and, at present, Private Courses for one student only, to protect you during our global health crisis.

Topics in Level Two Course Notes

  • The Four Immeasurables — meditative prayer
  • Reiki Two — General Purpose
  • Reiki Two — The Issues
  • Reiki Two — Chakra/Mind-Knot Challenges
  • Reiki Two — the Symbols (Buddhist origins/deity associations & uses)
    • 1st symbol
    • 2nd symbol
    • 3rd symbol
  • Reiki Two — Techniques
    • Uses in Feng Shui
  • Distant Healing with Reiki
  • Advanced Techniques
    • Balancing the Chakras/Mind
    • Purifying the Chakras/Mind
  • Reiki Etiquette
  • The Six Paramitas & the Bodhisattva Path
    • Generosity: Dana-paramita
    • Moral Discipline: Shila-paramita
    • Patience: Kshanti-paramita
    • Exertion or Zeal: Virya-paramita
    • Meditative Stabilisation: Dhyana-paramita
    • Transcendent Wisdom: Prajna-paramita
  • The 12 Vows of the Medicine Buddha
  • Reiki Three Preview
  • Suggested Book List
  • The Multiple-Chakra System (chart)

Level Two Course Structure

Level Two Reiki Course consists of 2 full days (typically 9:30 am to 5:30 pm)
of tuition, empowerments, and practice;
and including daily two 15-minute tea breaks and an hour for lunch to suit
As with all my services, all ordained members of any Buddhist sangha (monks and nuns) may attend Group Courses fee-free
My previous Reiki Two students may re-attend fee-free when space allows

Next Reiki Level Two Course

No Reiki Two courses are scheduled at this time;
All courses in 2017 will be held in New Farm (Brisbane) Australia

Reiki courses are not held on a regular basis. You can use the Reiki Booking form via the button below to request a Private course. Group Courses can’t be held just yet until the Covid-19 menace has dissipated.

Small groups between three and seven students will be on offer again once we get through this immediate global health challenge.

You can contact me directly for more information.

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Reiki Courses by Private Tuition

All Reiki Courses are currently offered as Private Tuition for individuals who prefer personalised tuition over group involvements. These courses can be booked for weekdays or weekends. Obviously, private tuition involves a higher fee structure, but the course content is tailored exactly for you (see the Reiki Fees page of my site).

Private LEVEL TWO Reiki Practitioner Course (single student only)
consists of 2 full days (hours to suit)
of tuition, empowerments, and practice.

Please contact me directly with any queries you have, or to request a Private Reiki 2 course via this email button link,
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