Bodhimind Reiki Level 1 Course — with Kerrie Redgate

The First of Three Progressive Levels

Reiki One Booklet

Bodhimind Reiki: Courses in Living Compassion—Level One

Kerrie Redgate has been a Reiki practitioner since 1986

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Level One Reiki Course

No experience with any healing modalities is required
for this Level One Course, which is open to all individuals
for both personal and professional use

This level, as the foundation for all of the Reiki courses, permanently opens the practitioner to receive the clearest quality of Spiritual Essence (Life Force Energy/Consciousness) available to us in the Universe.

Level One Reiki balances the Root or ‘Secret Place’ chakra (Muladhara-cakra) and Crown or ‘Great Bliss’ chakra (Sahasrara-cakra/Mahasukha-cakra as Crown and Third-Eye together) safely to allow a higher current of ‘Heaven’s Force’ (as it is referred to in TCM) to enter the Crown and be distributed via the Heart or Dharma-cakra (Anahata-chakra). All of the other chakras are aligned in this process. The hands are also attuned to allow the transmission of this healing energy to others, and its redirection back into the self for treating our own disease states (of mind and body).

What we are talking about here is unblocking the flow of the current in the human nervous system that absorbs and redistributes both the energy pouring in to us via the Earth’s magnetic field above us and the energy we absorb from the Earth beneath us, in the same way that plants have both roots and leaves.

Kerrie holding peacelily

Reiki activation is usually experienced physically as warmth emanating from the palms of the hands during contact, but this is not thermal energy. One could possibly say it is a quantum ‘field’ effect produced by resistance.

This Reiki empowerment also has the effect of enlivening our compassion (for self and others) as it directly stimulates our Heart-wisdom. This gives us a glimpse of our inherent Buddha-nature—which all beings are, in essence.

Through receiving this empowerment we are making a commitment to be an instrument for Higher Beings in Spirit (Transcendent Bodhisattvas) who will manifest their healing and enlightening qualities through our energetic system. In the Level One Reiki course, we will focus more on the Medicine Buddha connections with Reiki as a spiritual healing system, touching also on the other Deities traditionally involved; and in Level Two we will go into more detail on these Deities who manifest through the Reiki symbols (as mantras, and mudras) given in Level Two.

In the Buddhist tradition, these deities are deliberately identified and invoked. However, it is not necessarily their form that is vital to our acceptance of the Reiki energy, but their inherent spiritual qualities which can be recognised in the deities of all of the world’s great religions, and which are reflections of our own Higher Mind. (A booklist will be included in the course Booklet.)

Topics in Level One Course Booklet

  • The Four Immeasurables — meditative prayer
  • The Five Buddhist Precepts
  • The Origins of Reiki
  • Reiki and the Medicine Buddha Mystery
  • Reiki As Initiation
  • Buddhist Deities Invoked in Reiki (overview)
  • The Buddhist Mandala
  • Difference Between Buddhist Tantra and Hindu Tantra
  • Level One Reiki and the Chakra System
    • Chakras and Subtle Bodies
    • Location of the Major Chakras
    • The Seven Root-Chakra Junctions
    • Cleansing the Chakras
  • Level One Reiki Challenges
  • Healing and Reiki
    • Flower Essences & Other Vibrational Tools
    • Techniques in Reiki Healing
    • General Mind/Body Associations from Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine (meridians, organs & mental/emotional conditions)
  • Sacred Living
  • Preview of Level Two Reiki
  • Recommended Reading—comprehensive book list covering:
    • General Inspiration
    • Health & Healing from Tibet & Ancient China
    • Buddhism
    • Taoism
  • Radiant Presence—prayer
  • Blessing Chant—prayer

Level One Course Structure

  • The Level One Reiki Course consists of 2 full days (often 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, though this can change slightly depending on the venue) of tuition, empowerments, and practice; and including daily two 15-minute tea breaks and an hour for lunch
  • As with all my services, all ordained members of any Buddhist sangha (monks and nuns) may attend fee-free
  • See the Fees & Payments page on this website for details of fees, discounts, and various payment methods available

Next Reiki Level One Course

The next set of Reiki courses will be held at New Farm (Brisbane) Qld Australia.

Reiki courses are not held on a regular basis. If a course date is not listed here, or scheduled to your convenience, you can use the Reiki Booking form via the button below to request a course.

Small groups of a minimum three students, and up to seven students, may come together fairly easily and can be organised to suit.

Your request can get the process rolling. Or contact me directly for more information.

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Reiki One Course by Private Tuition

This Reiki Level One Course is also offered as Private Tuition for individuals who prefer personalised tuition over group involvements. These courses need not be booked for weekends only, but can be organised for any consecutive days of the week. Obviously, private tuition will involve a higher fee structure.

Throughout 2017 (my publishing year!), all courses are only available in New Farm (Brisbane) Australia.

Private LEVEL ONE Reiki Practitioner Course (single student only)
consists of 2 full days (10 am to 4 pm to suit)
of tuition, empowerments, and practice

Request a Private Reiki Course

For all inquiries about the Bodhimind Reiki Courses, please
contact me directly.

You can also connect with me via the social media site links you’ll find in the footer of this site; or via the Contact page. And any questions you have about the course are most welcome.

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