Bodhimind Reiki Courses — with Kerrie Redgate

Why is Reiki Different From Other Healing Courses?

Thangka of Chakras

  • A Reiki course is not like other weekend workshops that may or may not be ultimately useful, and that may be forgotten over time.
  • After a Reiki course, the power of the Reiki attunements is with you for life—and perhaps may even be accessible to you in future lives!
  • Reiki is an investment in your spiritual nature, and is an awakening to view the world through the eyes of compassion.


Even though Reiki energy is totally harmless and only ever beneficial, receiving attunements (empowerments) causes permanent alterations to your energetic system.

For this reason, it is not recommended that you be attuned to more than one level of Reiki at one time (a practice that has unfortunately become fashionable with a few Western Reiki Masters).

I also don’t believe that authentic Reiki Empowerments can be given online. It is important that a Reiki Master is present and available to you for any reactions you may encounter from possible past-life memories of working with such Initiations.

Also, Reiki is a sacred lineage, and much more than a ‘technique’ is passed on from teacher to student.

The popular commercialization of Reiki has unfortunately drawn many types of people to become ‘Reiki Masters’ through quick means rather than years of practice, study, and growth. We cannot site Usui Sensei’s ‘quick enlightenment’, and consequent establishment of the Reiki system, as permission for us to speed through the process. He’d had many years of being a Tendai Buddhist before his realizations were manifest.

These quick Western practices defeat the purpose of Reiki and can merely become another trap of the ego-nature, which will always seek the quickest path by any means.

Within each of the three Reiki courses (the traditional levels) that I teach, innovative information is included on the structure of the human energetic field (the chakra points as they relate to each of the subtle vibrational bodies or ‘sheaths’ [kosha in Sanskrit] of consciousness) and its relationship to our spiritual nature, so that a deeper understanding of the lessons that may be triggered by each level of Reiki can be understood consciously, and worked through purposefully.

There are three main considerations
in moving through the Reiki Levels slowly:

  • Firstly, using the Reiki energy purposefully over time actually gently increases your capacity to channel this energy powerfully for the benefit of others. As each subsequent empowerment amplifies your existing capacity, this gradual path will also ensure that each new level of attunement will be vastly (and safely for you) more potent than the last. This means that without sufficient time spent between the attunements of the various levels, the potential power (not quality!) of each level will be diminished. In any case, the advanced levels of Reiki are not obligatory after the Level One Reiki empowerment, but are simply a matter of personal preference and degree of commitment.
  • A second consideration in progressing more slowly through the levels of Reiki is that the physical body (especially the nervous system) always needs time to adjust to the higher frequency of energy entering the meridian system. Permanently and dramatically raising the energy in your Crown chakra, and hence consciousness, too rapidly may cause problems within the nervous system itself, and in severe cases may even result in deluded states of mind.
  • A third consideration for slow and steady progress through the three degrees of Reiki is that with each new level your subtle mind becomes strengthened. This is because the capacity of the mind to function through the Third-eye (Ajna) chakra increases with Reiki attunements. In other words, your mind becomes magnetically powerful. If you have not retrained your subconscious thought-patterns (especially before being attuned to Levels 2 and 3 of Reiki), they may be amplified, producing undesirable results in your outer world. This is precisely how your own karmic influences are manufactured and maintained.

The Tibetans have a saying,
‘May my thoughts come true instantly
— Inner, Outer, and Secret’.

This means that the reality you are constantly creating for yourself must be monitored through serious meditative and contemplative practices. Your subconscious mind-stream may be filled with thought-forms that have been hidden for centuries—concepts and ideas that have shaped your experiences and may even be sabotaging your efforts to heal yourself or others.

These thought-forms will become quickly evident through the experiences you will attract to yourself after becoming a Reiki channel. Of course, this has fabulous implications for the altruistic healer who is working with compassion and genuine wisdom!

To put all of this into a traditional Buddhist context, there is a reason why Tantra is referred to as the ‘Quick Path’: When you step onto the Tantric Path, your spiritual development is accelerated through the many obstacles you attract so as to finally get yourself (i.e. your ‘ego’-self) out of your own way! This tests your fortitude and your commitment, and certainly advances your awareness more quickly than any other method, but can also be hazardous if you have any residue of ego-attachments.

Just as an aside, that’s why Dharma centers can sometimes become egoistic battlegrounds!

Therefore, it is best to be gentle with yourself and not take on too much too soon. Your life certainly does ‘change’ once you have received an authentic Reiki Empowerment.

The three distinct levels of the Reiki empowerments, or Reiju, (being Shoden, Okuden, and Shinpiden, in traditional Japanese terminology) had been purposefully designed to safely build one’s capacity in gentle stages.

Meditation practices are also of great benefit in maintaining your spiritual integrity and identity as you work with the Reiki energy over time. We now know that the Reiki training in Japan, offered by Usui, actually did involve Buddhist meditation practices. Also, meditative concentration and insight are integral parts, being indeed the essence, of any Buddhist study or program.

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