Reiki Healing & Mind — Kerrie Redgate

Medicine Buddha statue

What is it that essentially heals us?
Why is it that Western methods of Medicine, astonishing as they can be, may yield a return of the same or similar disease years later?
Why is healing not permanent?

The answer to the first question is that it is consciousness, and only consciousness, that has the capacity to completely heal us of our ills (be they mental, emotional, or physical). Western Medicine deals with symptoms in the moment, sometimes giving us blessed relief from pain and incapacity. However, allopathic medicine does not yet recognise the role of consciousness in the healing process.

Any disease state comes about due to our ignorance regarding a particular circumstance of life: our resentment or anger towards someone (past or present); our unconscious concepts and motivations regarding the nature of reality; or even our self-security habit patterns that may actually be killing us.

When we become aware of the places within our mind that do not resonate with compassion for self and others, we can observe a corresponding area of the body where our immune system responses have become weakened.

Reiki was originally developed as a spiritual system, to stimulate higher consciousness. It accompanied the Buddhist teachings on ‘mind’, for healing our deluded view of reality that is based on self-focus. The physical healing that often takes place through the practice of Reiki is a by-product of our own awakening through being connected to the spiritual/life-force energy (Reiki) which must be a vital component of the cosmos.

Does this mean one needs to become a Buddhist to access the healing power of Reiki attunements?

No, not at all.

All of the great religions and positive philosophies of the world have acknowledged that Compassion is vital for the development of the highest human potentials, and for the success of all human communities.

However, anyone who is serious about Reiki, especially as a profession or service to others, would be well advised to also receive a Medicine Buddha Empowerment from a suitable Buddhist Lama, and to embrace the Mahayana Buddhist teachings and practices in order to develop skill and compassion in alleviating the suffering of others.

As a science of mind, Buddhism is about you working with your own mind; and Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, taught numerous ways to go about doing that, as He recognised the essential differences in people. The fabulous thing about Buddhist philosophy is that it does not ‘get in the way’ of orthodox religions.
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