Fees & Discounts for All Reiki Courses — with Kerrie Redgate

Kerrie Redgate & Reiki 2 students in gompa

Kerrie (on right) & Reiki 2 students in class in a Tibetan gompa with thangkas of Padmasambhava & Medicine Buddha

Bodhimind Reiki Course Fees*


Payments are not due until after a course has been confirmed
and your place has been confirmed
For secure online card payments & other options,
see the Reiki Payments page on my Living With Exceptional Purpose website via this button:

Bodhimind Reiki Course Payments

Reiki GROUP Courses

CURRENTLY SUSPENDED until further notice

All Levels: maximum 7 new students


  • Kerrie’s previous Astrology students, having completed the 1st year course in Spiritual Astrology, Yogacara Astrology, or Living With Exceptional Purpose, are elligible for these Reiki Group Course discounts:

    LEVEL 1 REIKI course: Discount of AUD$60 — you pay AUD$300
    LEVEL 2 REIKI course: Discount of AUD$80 — you pay AUD$360
    LEVEL 3 REIKI course: Discount of AUD$100 — you pay AUD$800

  • Members of the Ordained Buddhist Sangha (any tradition) may attend all Group Reiki courses free of charge, including all course materials
  • A small number of Kerrie’s previous Reiki students may attend these Reiki courses (up to their current level) at no cost

Bodhimind Reiki Courses: PRIVATE TUITION

All balances to be paid prior to the date of the Reiki course

FOR YOUR MERIT: ALL Private Tuition Reiki course fees include one AUD$25 KIVA LOAN Gift Card for you to donate to a Third World Entrepreneur of your choice, redeemable for cash when the KIVA loan has been repaid to you, or you can choose to recycle it to another loan (amplifying the cash for many other micro businesses).
(This makes up for not having other people to work on with Reiki through the class, as all healing work for others generates great spiritual Merit.)

LEVEL 1 (2 days; private student): AUD$1,080
(deposit: AUD$300)
LEVEL 2 (2 days; private student): AUD$1,260
(deposit: AUD$500)
LEVEL 3 (2 to 3 days—and hours—to suit; private student): AUD$2,700
(deposit: AUD$1,000)

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*A Note on Fees:

All fees subject to change without notice,
though all changes will appear on this website.
Fees are aligned with international professional standards.
All fees are in Australian Dollars.