Reiki Empowerments — with Kerrie Redgate

Reiki in Japanese kanji script

Reiki Empowerments

Through its popularisation in the West, Reiki empowerments have often been viewed (inevitably through the lens of the ego) as a short-cut path to spiritual maturity, or taken as a validation of one’s development.

This is NOT the purpose of Reiki!

There are NO SHORT-CUTS to spiritual growth. One must be prepared for each level of the Reiki empowerments, as when one’s healing power is increased, one’s spiritual lessons are also quickened. This is a (karmic) Universal Principle of consciousness, which naturally ensures that dedicated healers develop personal responsibility through Self-Mastery.

We each possess a degree of healing energy that emanates from our hands. This is why we hold our injuries to soothe the pain. This universal energy enters our system via the Crown chakra and works through the Heart. Without it we would not survive. It is the life-force itself — the essence of spiritual energy (also known as ch’i [Qi], ki, baraka, and prana in various Eastern languages). This is the pure consciousness of the cosmos. Some individuals have the natural capacity to transmit greater intensities — or higher frequencies — of this energy to others, through their prior development in former lives. We are all capable of accessing this same ability now, through the grace of the Reiki system.

Reiki attunements balance and stimulate our entire chakra and meridian systems to empower us to safely channel this healing frequency for the benefit of both others and ourselves, while also inspiring higher levels of Mind and Consciousness.

Reiki can be quite different to other systems of ‘hands-on’ healing, such as that which may develop through some forms of kundalini yoga, as Reiki does not utilise one’s own subtle-energy reserves to produce the healing effect.

The Reiki energy is abundantly available in the universe, and is drawn into the Crown from above, not stimulated from one’s own kundalini at the base of the spine (which must be gradually developed through a purification of each successive chakra/level-of-awareness, especially with the help of long-term teachers to awaken one’s consciousness in stages—for example, with the Tibetan system of tum-mo, ‘inner heat’).

This is a significant difference, as Reiki bypasses our own emotional states of mind so that we do not pass on our subtle negativities to others. (Though, it is strengthened over time through our own meditation and spiritual practices.) It is even possible to fall asleep while giving another being Reiki healing, with the energy continuing to flow beautifully.

Plants, animals, people, and even insects love it and respond well to Reiki!


Kirlian photograph of Kerrie's hands before Reiki
kirlian photograph – Kerrie’s hands before Reiki

Above is a kirlian photograph (taken 19th November 1989) of my hands BEFORE activating the Reiki energy. I sat to wait for 10 minutes before the procedure, so deliberately did not touch anything to get as ’empty’ an impression as possible. Though, of course, Reiki began to flow as soon as my hands touched the photographic plate, though this was for a very brief moment only. This was deemed a very healthy imprint by the photographer, due to the evenness of the electromagnetic radiation emitting from each finger. You can see the difference in the next photograph. (This and the following kirlian photograph were taken at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney Australia in 1989.)


Kirlian photograph of Kerrie's hands after Reiki activation
kirlian photograph – Kerrie’s hands with Reiki activation

The above is a kirlian photograph (taken 16th November 1989) of my hands AFTER 10 minutes of Reiki activation with my hands pressed together. (I had been a 2nd level Reiki channel for 3 years at that time.) My ‘human’ field (as seen in the first image) is overwhelmed here by the Reiki emanation. This also proves that Reiki is not an electron discharge, but something of a much higher frequency: Moisture in the skin is said to create the Kirlian image, and holding the hands together should have produced more moisture. The personal field has almost completely vanished. The photographer had had little experience of phenomena such as Reiki and thought the print was so bad an impression that I must surely be close to death!

In 1987, Kirlian photographs of the hands of controversial Australian spiritual healer, Chris Cole, were published as ‘directly after channelling’ (mostly white space) and ‘after resting’ (a clear hand imprint) in Southern Crossings magazine, Sydney (no longer in publication), in an article by Patti Burke. The two differing imprints of Chris Cole’s hands were closely identical to my own corresponding prints, above.

One of the major benefits of receiving a Reiki empowerment is that this energy is then permanently flowing through us, and will even be available to us in our future lives! It cannot be taken away.

However, its potency may fluctuate a little from time to time with our alternating states of consciousness, especially if we allow ourselves to lapse into periods of negative and self-centred behavioural patterns. Though, the quality of the Reiki energy emanating from our hands is never diminished, only its immediate potency.

All we need do is redirect the energy back into ourselves through prolonged touch to the head and heart, and the powerful flow is restored, as is our higher awareness.

Working with the energy consciously on a daily basis (as will be instructed in the courses), as well as engaging in regular meditation practice, will, over time, actually increase the power of the Reiki we can channel.

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