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Kerrie’s little offering to Padmasambhava,
the great Buddhist siddha of the 8th century who brought Buddhist Tantra to Tibet


Kerrie as Reiki Teacher

Kerrie Redgate has been a Reiki practitioner since July 1986, and a Reiki Teacher since January 1997.

She has made a serious study of Buddhist philosophy since 1991 (though was fascinated by the Buddha as a child), and became an official Tibetan Buddhist in 1996 by taking Refuge and other Buddhist vows during a public initiation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, after which she studied with a number of Tibetan Lamas in Sydney and Canberra, from 1997, also receiving Buddhist empowerments for personal practice.

Kerrie Redgate - teaching ReikiThe Medicine Buddha practice, especially, was significent to Kerrie, and she has received this empowerment three times from three individual Tibetan Rinpoches, initially from His Holiness Sakya Trizin, head of the Sakya lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

As Kerrie is also a flower essence therapist and Yogacara Astrologer (a system she developed using Buddhist psycho-philosophy), she recites Medicine Buddha mantras with associated visualisations to bless the dosage bottles while dispensing for her clients. When she began to do this, her clients had commented on the difference they had felt with these new batches of their formulas. Medicine Buddha is a powerful practice!

In 1975, 11 years before receiving her first Reiki attunement, and 21 years before taking her Buddhist Vows in the Tibetan tradition, Kerrie began her personal studies of the Japanese Macrobiotic philosophy of healing (originally based on Traditional Chinese Medicine), which led her naturally to become engrossed in many aspects of Japanese culture, including the principles of Zen Buddhism. It is now acknowledged that Reiki had originally developed from Japanese cultural and Buddhist roots: both being Kerrie’s earlier studies! . . . Rather than ‘full-circle’, Kerrie believes all energy, including our consciousness (and indeed life!), moves in spirals!

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NOTE: A more extensive list profile of Kerrie’s other services and research
can be found on her Living With Exceptional Purpose website.